Aftermath: Into Action


INTO ACTION is a groundbreaking social justice festival of art and ideas. An expansive week long pop-up art exhibition, INTO ACTION features a series of large format creative installations, music performances, panel discussions and activist workshops designed to inspire hope, galvanize community and ignite creative engagement. Together, we will issue a call for empathy, accountability, equality, and compassion and manifest a more just society and build momentum for the year to come.

Communities around the United States and worldwide are filled with good people living in fear. Families are being torn apart. Our city, state and federal spending priorities are broken. Institutional bias and racism has eroded trust, access and representation. This has left many feeling angry and powerless.

Despite the circumstances of great oppression we have also seen our neighbors greatest expressions of humanity and solidarity. Artists and activists are showing up with urgency to dismantle the unjust, to speak truth to power and to demand more from our government and from each other.  We illuminate our resilience and we take back our hope.



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