Jen a.k.a Hugs a.k.a Jennie Jen. Is a photographer born in Baltimore, MD and raised in various parts of Southern California – Los Angeles; the city of Love & Hate. Either you love it here — or you hate it. “Either way, the city is a super complex sub-culture machine within itself; you can live here for years and still not know anything about it. I hope to give you vision into all the events that unfold here. By sharing my lenses, I hope to give you vision into my surroundings… with each passing hour, day, or event.”

Jen has an infatuation for art: graffiti, street, music, dance, culinary, photography, cinematography – all things aesthetic. Her appreciation for all forms of self-expression allows her to identify with individuals who share this common space and through these intimate connections of sharing and participating – She spreads the knowledge and love 360 degrees around. “I give and take. I capture and reflect. I love and hate!”

Her exposure to the underground scene began in the 80′s through hip-hop, punk rock, ska, house, reggae, jazz, blues, graffiti, skate, dance and photography; therefore, these influences have had an impact on her sense of style and attitude and still play a significant part of her life. “I respect those who respect others and within my subculture of cultures — respect goes a long way. LA holds an art culture that has manifested its way deep from within its roots and has developed a love and hate relationship from all those who come in contact with it. You’re either intrigued by the people, the scene, the vibes, energy or repelled by it. Despite the lack of respect and constant scrutiny within the scene, as is common in L.A., I still choose to be a part of this culture. It is who I am and who I intend on being.”


Love & Hate is just another method of connecting and organizing individuals together “peace by peace.” Although, it represents Los Angeles at most, our culture reaches far beyond those boundaries. With artist from all over the globe, sharing talents and skills we bring to you the dopest, freshest, subversive art this culture has to offer.

Our designs and handpicked art includes a wide range from the undiscovered artists to the dirty high-end artists. MOST pieces are one of a kind, not mass-produced and can only be found at LoveAndHateLA.com. Best of all, we will work with you on side projects in creating even more unique designs, customized to your pleasure! We are not here to repeat history; we are here to create it!

I am here to create, collaborate, aggravate, but definitely won’t tolerate individuals that lag, flake, or disrupt our flow.

With Love ♥ & Hate,
Jennie Jen

Photography booking and contact e-mail: jen@loveandhatela.com

Personal Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/jenniejen626

Love & Hate Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Love-Hate/326126220742396?ref=hl 

Instagram: jenniejen_LA

Bio by: Suzy Kassem aka Blue Panther 777  Thanks Sue much 

Love & Hate Logos by: Dino Mayorga//Home Page Logo by: Issue


3 thoughts on “About

  1. I met you before and you take really great pictures! Just that personality needs to be in check for someone your age. Keep those pictures coming of course. Maholo!

    1. Ugggh thanks? LOL and how old is it that you think I am? I’m sorry if I might have offended you in some way most people do not get my sense of humor. Stay gold!

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