Aftermath: Tatuaje

Tatuaje is a multi-cutural tattoo art event, a tribute to tattoo culture.  It was held in Los Angeles (Lincoln Heights), CA at Plaza de la Raza on Sat. July 30, 2016.  Tatuaje is produced by Antonio Pelayo, exhibit curated by Freddy Negrete, hosted by Danny Trejo & Patricia Lopez with Emcee actor Anthony L Fernandez.  Antonio Pelayo Productions is always popping off great events throughout the year and this is just one of them.  There’s enough going on to keep you entertained the entire night from the art exhibit themed “Smile Now Cry Later,” live performances, DJ’s, food provided by my high school homie Omar aka Taco Nazo, fashion show and live tattoo competition.  Keep posted for Antonio’s upcoming events on FB at:

Live Performance 7 DJ’s

LP3 & The Tragedy
The Black Outs
Gabba Gabba Heys
DJ Gargamel

Dj ChrisRox

Fashion show by Wardrobe Divas
Bike show by Ted Alva
Live airbrush art by Erby Villanueva


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