Aftermath: Symbiosis 2015

A one of a kind experience where music, art, workshops, and community converge in a series of multi-faceted, participatory, inspiring, exciting and completely unforgettable moments!  The event took place WOODWARD RESERVOIR for Symbiosis Gathering 2015.

7 stages of music, 2 dedicated workshop areas, 2 areas dedicated to yoga and dance classes, large scale art installations, improv and stand-up comedy, permaculture, swimming, art boats, kids area, circus performers, healing sanctuary, live painters, art gallery, hand made clothing, hula hooping, and 5 days of camping on a picturesque peninsula surrounded by water!
I showed up a day after the event started and enjoyed the last 2 days.  The most magical 2 days of my life.  It was pure sensory overload with nothing but loving positive energy all around.  I took photos with my Canon T3i because I didn’t want risk taking my 5D Mark III, so the quality isn’t the best but still managed to capture some very beautiful moments.

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