Aftermath: LA Story – A Lowrider Event

A celebration of the classic lowrider and its vibrant culture.  This event was filled with romance as couples danced to oldies gazing into each others eyes.  The art exhibit was amazing.  But most importantly the vibe was super chill.  I felt noting but love radiating from everyone that night!  For those of you who missed out on this event please enjoy the photos I took covering it!  Thanks again Exodus Events it was definitely my pleasure!

On Saturday, July 25, 2015 Exodus Events Presented:

LA STORY – A Lowrider Event
An event dedicated to celebrate the culture and lifestyle of the classic Lowrider and the journey on the streets of “El Blvd”. Featuring the most influential custom car ever built, the Gypsy Rose, a concert, art exhibit, and much more as we cruise through Plaza de La Raza!

Hosted by Compton David & Lala Romero//Master of Ceremony  Lala Romero//Art Exhibit Curated by Pep Williams

Exhibiting Artists:
Beto Mendoza
Bobby Tribal
Memo Ortega
Jesse Silva
Pep Williams
Johnny Medina
Big Tiny
Franco Vescovi
Chase Tafoya
Wifey Photography


Music by:
Dee Jae Gargamel
Chauncey Pearls


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