Aftermath: Voodoo Glow Skulls Show @ The Slidebar Rock n Roll Cafe

Whoa!  This was a great show and if you missed it, you missed out BIG!  To top it off it was FREE!  Unfortunately, due to the limited space in the back room, there was a limited amount of wristbands being passed out and if you didn’t get there early enough you didn’t get a wristband and well….. you didn’t get a chance to hangout in the back to watch the bands perform.  Three other bands performed before Voodoo, which were Conversation Kills, DimeRunner and SKAMPIDA (in that order).  The band that played right before Voodoo was called SKAMPIDA and man they rocked the house down with their reggae, ska, punk style!  I couldn’t help but put the camera off to the side and start skanking!

All images are copyrighted by Love & Hate and may only be used with written permission www.Love

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